Monday, December 13, 2010

Kara & Mason

 Here's Mason & his beautiful momma Kara....we strolled downtown in the freezing cold. It was a bit unbearable for us all so we jumped in the car and got some warm bevs. from Jackson Coffee Co. (an awesome place). After we 3 had finished we jumped back into actionand finished up the shoot and Mason was in full cheese mode.
Thanks Kara & Mason for the fun & freezing session:)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Hanover Girls and their families!

The girls.............I love the bond that this family has. They lives states away but always find time to get together many times a year. They all just mesh together so beautifully and were all smiles throught the session.
Thank you girls (and guys too) for the great session and I love love love your childhood home..........its georgous:)
Love this girl and all her curiosity.....Stella.

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The Beautiful Myria

 This is Myria just as sweet as beautiful. I wasn't used to photographing seniors but quickly fell in love with it after shooting with her. I loved that she was up for anything and wore the cowl (as seen in the photos, by
Thank you Myria for the lovely session and can't wait to finish up your session today!

The Little Stud Eli

 This guy.......this guy thought he was totally HOLLYWOOD with his shades. Seriously, he paid no attention to anyone with those glasses on, just looked off like he knew he "Hot Stuff". Love this boy and have known him since before he was born. He's an amazing boy and a beautiful momma and sister to go along with it:) Love you guys!

Little Man Ryker........sweet little man.

Little Ryker and his momma got their very own session and I loved getting to know both of them. Becca and Ryker are 2 of the same souls, very sweet and love love love each other so much. I also must add that this little one was a total ham and was so smiley..........good parenting Becca. I hope to be able to photograph you and the family in the very near future. Thanks again for the wonderful session.
Little Boxer in the making:)

Buttercup Bella

Bella Bella Bella........this the beauty was so awesome during our mini session, I brought my kids along to and this was a super laid back fun session with her momma Cindy too. Bella's smile lights up a room and to see her play with Sammy was priceless.....sorry Cindy, Sammy's got no fear and is a bundle of craziness:)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Cooks

This amazing family has been with me every step of the way while I was first beginning photography and learning, Anderson's been my little model since he was just a few months old and I have loved watching him grow throughout his first year of life. Love ya three!
 Anderson sure ♥'s his daddy

his fingers

and his beautiful momma.